Sunday, January 13, 2013

Creek Flow

We received 3.5 inches of rain overnight and at first light, I took a picture of the creek that I mentioned in my last post and placed it side-by-side with the previous photo. Judging by the evidence of deposited leaves and other debris, the creek would have been about a foot higher than shown in the picture during its peak flow at night.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tornado Warning in January?

This afternoon, it was 63 °F with 92% humidity. Quite unusual for January. Even more odd was hearing a tornado siren! We received quite a bit of rain and here is a shot taken looking out my window and facing north. The water collects on the north end of our property and drains into an intermittent creek that circles our land and is just out of sight in the woods. (I apologize for the low was taken with my smartphone)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Short Stroll By The Creek

Behind our home towards the south is a wooded area. About 30 feet into the woods is a small creek that encircles the property and which only flows during heavy rains. To call it an intermittent stream would be an exaggeration. 

Along the creek in a sand bank, I spotted a partial raccoon track. Based on the size, it appears to be a front foot.

This tree with a beautiful mosaic of fungi was laying across the creek bed.

Just above one the creek banks I discovered a hollowed-out red oak that I had not previously noticed. The opening at the bottom on the inside was about 2 feet in diameter. Seeing it reminded me of one of my favorite books as a boy....My Side of the Mountain.